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Spine Aid was set up by Mr Rai to raise money to help treat disadvantaged patients in the developing world who have spinal problems and disabilities

How Spine Aid began

Mr Rai tells the story

"Mr Norrish is a surgeon who trained with us at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. After qualifying, he went to Zambia to work with the CURE foundation ( and encountered children and adults with phenomenal disabilities.

When he sent me details of 20 children with tremendous spine problems, I decided to do whatever I could to help.

I first travelled to Zambia in January 2008 and was overwhelmed by the number of cases that I saw. On that trip, I operated on four children who had significant disabilities.

The operations were successful and these children walked out of hospital, their outlook significantly improved now they had the chance to lead an independent life.

I have returned to Zambia several times since then, travelling with a number of other healthcare professionals.

We were able to see many patients in clinic to plan treatment for them, and we operated on 10 children who had severe spinal deformities.

But there many more children needing treatment - families come from all over Zambia to CURE international's hospital in Lusaka, camping for days waiting and hoping for a surgical cure for their child's disability. Many spend a month's salary to travel to the hospital. It is very disheartening to turn many of these people away due to lack of resources.

To continue this rewarding work and help treat many more Zambian children, I set up Spine Aid to support these visits."

What your donations help to buy

All money donated to Spine Aid directly funds patient treatment, providing nutrition, transport and medical equipment to help these children. All monies raised goes directly to the care of these children.

So far Spine Aid has raised money towards:

  • Purchase of an operating table
  • Spinal equipment and anaesthetic gases
  • Egg fund - providing two eggs per child per day while in hospital to give adequate nutrition and aid a speedy recovery

Please donate now

Thanks to many generous contributions, Spine Aid has raised over £35 000 to date.

Please continue to support Spine Aid so that we can do our best to help the children of developing countries.

To contribute please send cheques made payable to Spine Aid to:

Mr A S Rai
Consultant Spinal Surgeon
The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital
Colney Lane