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The London Norwich Spine Clinic is based at
Hospital of St Johns & St Elizabeth, St Johns Wood, London
and the Spire Norwich Hospital, Norwich.

Information for GPs

Your spine is one of the most important and complex parts of your body - keeping it healthy is vital if you want to lead an active and pain free life.

Outcome of surgical treatment

All of Mr Rai patients fill in outcome measures to objectively validate the efficacy of treatment offered at the Norwich Spinal Clinic.

In the past clinical research focussed on physiological outcome such as range of motion, muscle strength or neurological deficits. In recent years there is increasing attention given to rigorous measurement of symptoms, functional status, satisfaction with treatment and health care costs associated with spinal interventions.

Health related quality of life may be defined as to the extent to which ones usual or expected physical , emotional and social well being are affected by medical conditions or treatments. The goal of all health care is to maximise quality of life.

In outcome analysis a patient answers a multiple choice questionnaire asking about current symptoms and function. The response is used to calculate a score therefore creating an objective measure of the success or failure of a particular treatment.

Surgical consent and complications

All of Mr Rai's patients are given fully informed consent in relation to the complications of treatment. They are sent a typed consent form which they must sign and return to ensure they understand the surgical procedure. It is very important that the surgeon's expectations are similar to that of the patient.

Mr Rai's team is also able to put past patients in touch with others contemplating a surgical procedure to give them a patient's perspective and experience.

Mr Rai and his team will give you detailed information about how to prepare for surgery. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact us

Preparing for Surgery

Before surgery proceeds you can improve your long term outcome by preparing your body and mind in advance. Rethink your lifestyle before your operation to make it as back friendly as possible. Lose any excess weight to reduce the strain on your spine and swap to a healthy diet rich in nutrient-dense vegetables, fruit, pulses, fish and lean meat. Consider how you spend your day and plan for long term changes if you are sedentary and inactive. Your physiotherapist will advise you on this and show you how to build suitable exercise gradually into your life after the operation. Stay as positive as you can and remind yourself of the benefits of surgery - this can help your recovery as you may feel tired in the early stages. Be patient and allow time to rest and get better.